Virtual Office

Virtually There - Small Business Support

Are you disillusioned with how you can present yourself professionally and compete with your larger and more established competitors? If so you need a Virtual office to help you.

Here’s how we can help; but remember, there is a lot more on offer to this core service.


Virtual Office Address


  • Improve your corporate identity
  • Look more established
  • Win bigger jobs
  • Open up new markets

Our sister company Virtually There specialises in virtual offices and we can supply you with a choice of Bristol office locations to use as your office address. Use this on your website and stationery to present your business more positively and appear more established. Use this address as your business postal address and we will forward your post on to your home address.

From: £10 per calendar month

Virtual Receptionist

Have your own receptionist at a fraction of the cost.


  • All calls answered promptly and in your company name
  • Mobile numbers are unprofessional – advertise your business with an 0117 / 0844 number
  • Experienced receptionists who have an understanding of your businesses
  • Never miss a new business call again
  • Never get interrupted ‘mid job’ again
  • Free yourself up from those annoying sales calls.
  • Improve your corporate image
  • Calls answered Monday – Friday 8.30am to 5.30pm
  • Calls transferred to any number and any location
  • All messages emailed
  • Log in to your online account that shows all your messages and activity
  • Flexibility – Log in and choose what time you want your calls to go and where


Meeting Rooms

For those all-important client meetings. Benefit from hiring out the meeting room in your virtual office location. Meet your clients there for those important business meetings. Make the right impression and win the business.

From: £20 per hour